Arizona restaurant chain buys Maine wharf so it can keep selling lobster rolls for $9.99

An Arizona lobster drive-thru business that touts a $9.99 lobster roll has purchased a Maine wharf with the intent to cut out the middleman and maintain its extremely low price point.

Angie’s Lobster said this week that it bought a wharf on Bailey Island and started a lobster processing operation in Maine. The move, which the company claims is designed to offset inflation, is a rare example of an out-of-state company attempting to create a vertically integrated business in the Maine lobster industry.

Lobster rolls in Maine now regularly go for upward of $30, but Angie’s co-founders Tony and Roushan Christofellis say they’ve invested $10 million and plan to build the “most efficient restaurant business the world has ever seen” by owning every step of the process and eliminating third parties wherever they can.

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