Asda supermarket opening and closing times for May bank holiday 2022

The early May bank holiday is right around the corner. Ahead of a relaxing three-day weekend make sure to check what the opening and closing times are for supermarkets like Asda are

The early May bank holiday means supermarkets are operating on altered opening times

The May Day bank holiday weekend is almost upon us, which means many of us will be off work on Monday, May 2.

With some extra time off work to look forward to, it can be easy to forget to stock up on our groceries and essentials until we realise we’ve run out of all important things in the kitchen or bathroom.

As with most major holidays, supermarkets and shops will be working on altered hours over the May bank holiday. So, it’s important that customers prepare themselves by checking the opening and closing times of their nearest stores.

For Asda shoppers, here’s what they need to know about the chain’s hours.

What are opening and closing times for Asda?

Supermarket opening and closing times will vary during the May Bank holiday


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Asda opening hours will vary massively from store to store across the UK for the May Day bank holiday. While most stores are likely to open at normal hours, it’s pretty safe to assume that all of them will close early on May 2.

For superstores, which usually open at 6am and close at midnight, the bank holiday hours will see them open at normal times but close earlier, by 8pm. Some stores may even close as early as 5pm.

The change in hours is only for Monday May 2, with stores remaining open as normal for the rest of the bank holiday weekend.

Pretty much all stores will shut earlier than usual on Monday, however, it’s always worth double checking to make sure regarding specific stores near you.

To check your local shop’s opening times, Asda’s online store locator lists all the operating hours for across the UK.

Full list of supermarket opening and closing times

Asda opening times will vary from store to store in the UK


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Aldi – Aldi stores will be open from 8am to 8pm on bank holiday Monday. The stores are closing two hours sooner than usual, but opening times are as usual.

Lidl – Lidl is also open from 8am to 8pm on bank holiday Monday across all UK stores.

Tesco – Tesco stores will be operating under two different times, depending on the type of store near you. Express stores will be running as normal from 6am to 11pm while Extra stores will only be open from 10am to 4pm. Find out exact times on Tesco’s online store locator.

Sainsbury’s – Stores will be operating on reduced hours, opening at 10am and closing at 5pm. Check your local shop’s opening times on Sainsbury’s online store locator.

Morrisons – Morrisons will be open at usual time of 7am, but closing at 8pm, which is a couple of hours sooner than normal days. Find operating hours of all UK stores with the online store locator.

Waitrose – All Waitrose stores across the UK will open at 8am on bank holiday Monday and close much earlier than usual at 6pm. Waitrose also has an online store locator to check timings for specific stores.

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