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Clean food has been the wish of all parents, insisting on discarding the junk and eating healthy is what every parent would want. A generation, born and bred in the era of fast food dominance, The Whole Truth Food offered them completely different from what the fast food joints offered.

The Whole Truth Foods

Shashank Mehta, founder and CEO, The Whole Truth Foods

The brand did not want the consumers to think that the products are like any other on the shelf of a retail store which led the founder to take the D2C route. The Whole Truth Food claims to be a 100 per cent clean label food brand meaning that the company writes each and every ingredient being used in the product. The Whole Truth Food’s total addressable market is the sum total of the individual total addressable markets of each category the company enters as they intend to enter all markets.

The growth of The Whole Truth Food has been phenomenal considering the fact that the company is just over two years old. The company’s business grew 10 times in its first year and five times during its second year.

Entering four new categories, Shashank Mehta commented, “We’ve entered 4 categories now. Muesli, Peanut Butters & the most recent being Dark Chocolates and in all these, we’ve brought in products that the market has never seen. For eg, our dark chocolate is India’s first date-sweetened chocolate. It has just 2 ingredients – Cocoa and Dates. And we had to build our own chocolate factory to bring this unique product alive.”

The company intends to grow across categories, channels and geographies andis building a digitally native but fully omni-channel brand. “The strategy will continue through FY23. We expect to exit the year at 110-130Cr annualized run rate,” added Mehta.

The products are made at the company’s own facility in Mumbai. A facility built from the ground up and the processes and techniques are completely proprietary to the company. The Whole Truth Food is backed by Sequoia, Matrix and several entrepreneurs. According to Mehta, building brands and building one’s own production consumes a lot of resource and having an investors’ belief makes all the difference.


• Best seller: Protein Bars

• Total SKUs: 60+

• Team size: 70+ in HO. Another 100+ in production + operations.

• Repeat customer ratio: >50%

• Online platform resulting in maximum revenue: Own Website.

• Split between offline and online sales: 80% Online.

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