Diabetes: Not all beverages are bad for diabetes patients. Hibiscus tea, cinnamon drinks keep blood sugar in check

If you are a diabetes patient, then your cup (literally) has to be filled with conscious choices of beverages that do not affect your blood sugar levels. Therefore, you have to always steer clear of sugary drinks, caffeinated concoctions, certain fruit juices and even syrups. However, do you know if teas should be in your diet and how might they impact your health?

While not all teas are good for you, there are a few which may be able to help your health, and keep your diabetes under control. Here’s a list of four such teas that you must embrace (with your doctor’s permission ofcourse) and add some flavour (and colour) to your life, without disturbing the delicate balance of sugar in your blood.

Hibiscus Tea

This tea, which has the colour of rubies is truly a gem for your health. There have been studies that show that hibiscus tea reduces your insulin resistance. Moreover, according to another study, people who drank two cups of hibiscus tea everyday for a month found a reduced level of systolic blood pressure. This tea also helps in keeping high blood pressure under check, and is full of antioxidants which are great for your body. The only downside is that it is a bit sour, but it makes up for the unfortunate taste with its beautiful colour.

Black Tea

While you cannot dream of adding sugar to your tea if you have diabetes, you can continue to have your English Breakfast or Earl Grey without any worry. These teas fall in the category of black tea which is considered to be good for diabetic patients because it has blood sugar lowering qualities. It is also rich in antioxidants and can reduce the blood sugar in pre-diabetic individuals. According to a study conducted in Thailand, it was found that black tea is a ‘promising anti-diabetic tea’ which can control the glycemic levels.

Chamomile Tea
Apart from promoting a good night’s sleep, this tea is great for the overall well being of diabetic patients. It not only regulates blood sugar level, but also helps in reducing oxidative stress, which leads to several diabetes related complications. Studies have shown that it also reduces HbA1c and insulin levels in diabetic patients.

Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon is a versatile spice and has many uses, but cinnamon tea or any other cinnamon infused drinks are also not devoid of benefits. Studies show that having this tea before taking in sugar solutions, decreases blood sugar levels. According to another study, 6 grams of a cinnamon supplement daily for 40 days is likely to reduce pre-meal glucose levels in non-diabetic patients too. This spice is said to slow down the release of glucose in the blood stream improving cellular glucose, and insulin sensitivity.

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