How Bolt Food is disrupting Nigeria’s food delivery space with affordable and efficient food delivery service

We got a chance to speak with Sola Masha, recently appointed Manager, Bolt Food in Nigeria, who shared his experience at Bolt Food, why the expansion and upcoming plans for Nigeria’s ride hailing and delivery sector.

Here’s what Sola had to say:

You recently resumed at Bolt to lead the food delivery operation in Nigeria. Can you tell us about the experience so far and your work at Bolt Nigeria?

Working at Bolt has been truly amazing as I get to work with extremely dedicated people who are trying to solve the problem of mobility in major cities, and this includes providing efficient food delivery services. I am immensely proud to be leading a highly motivated team in solving issues in the food delivery space.

Bolt has led the ride-hailing space in Nigeria recently. Can you speak on Bolt’s expertise in the food delivery space and how the platform aims to replicate its success?

Bolt Food only launched during the pandemic as a response to a growing demand for food delivery service and in a short period of time has become the market leader in several of the markets it operates in. Bolt intends to quickly replicate this success in other cities/countries including Nigeria and has quickly developed the expertise to do this ensuring a high-quality service.

At initial launch, Bolt Food was only available in Lagos Island. Can you speak about expansion plans across Nigeria?

Bolt as an organization ensures that all products within the company are working efficiently and launching in Lagos Island gave us an opportunity to test our service within a controlled environment. After this successful test, Bolt Food is ready to expand the services to Lagos mainland area of the city.

Bolt joins stiff competition in Nigeria’s food delivery space. What makes Bolt Food service different from the others?

Bolt Food puts its partners (restaurants and couriers) and eaters in the forefront of every decision making. The watchword is providing value to all our stakeholders in delivering this service.

How are you making sure that food delivery is safe on your platform?

We do this by having partners who are compliant with all regulations. This applies to restaurants and couriers. We also have a highly trained customer support team that is on hand to attend to restaurants, couriers and eaters needs, always.

What criteria do restaurants have to meet to join the Bolt Food platform? Does Bolt ensure that they follow food safety regulations?

Definitely! They have to follow all safety regulations and be registered entities within the city.

How can restaurant owners and food couriers benefit from this service?

Restaurant owners benefit by having access to customers that Bolt Food attracts to the platform which includes customers from the successful ride-hailing business. In addition, we have created a platform that gives couriers the ability to earn a living based on the number of hours they wish to work and giving them the much-needed demand required to make a decent living.

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