I am fast food expert – my secret menu trick at Taco Bell will create you an iconic sauce with your burrito and chips

THOSE who are getting tired of ordering the same items at Taco Bell will want to check out a secret that will give your taste buds a boost. 

In particular, fans who have been pitying over the fast food chains discounting of the volcano menu and lava sauce about a decade ago – are in for a treat. 


The fast food expert reveals what you need to ask for to enjoy the custom sauce
You can dip whatever you want into the sauce from your chips to tacos


You can dip whatever you want into the sauce from your chips to tacos

TikToker “supersecretmenu,” has revealed a food hack at Taco Bell that will give your sauce an extra kick.

Under most of the videos on her channel, the content creator shows how you can order secret menu items from Starbucks.

But she has been recently revealing Subway secrets and ones at other fast food restaurants including McDonald’s.  

Here’s the simple sauce trick that she demonstrated in a recent video.

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How the sauce trick works

First, keep in mind, that this won’t be quite the same as the lava sauce that was discontinued.

However, the TikToker said that it was “pretty darn close.”

With this hack, you’ll need to order a side of cheese and chips and pick whatever sauce you want.

This can be hot, fire, or Diablo sauce.

While prices could vary by location, we found chip and nacho sauce to cost $1.99 at a local location.

The menu expert wound up going with hot sauce and then squeezed an entire package into the cheese.

Then, you’ll want to take a chip and mix the sauce and cheese.

After that, you can enjoy it with the chips or dip in your menu favorite including burritos and tacos.

“However you eat it, you’re going to love it,” the TikToker said.

Another Taco Bell secret

Meanwhile, for those looking to save money, there is another menu secret for you too at Taco Bell.

If you scroll over to the value menu, you’ll see a cheesy bean and rice burrito for just $1.

This is much better than value than burrito supreme, which is one of the most expensive items on the menu. 

It only has 390 calories and costs $3.99.

Not only are you saving money – but the cheesy bean and rice burrito has 20 calories more. 

By ordering the budget burrito, it could save you $3 or 75%.

For more on how you can save money, an employee reveals two menu hacks you need to know the next time you order at Subway.

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