If you can carry a 24-pack of beverage cans, you can easily carry this electric bike

The Vello Bike Titanium is available from 4490 euros. — Picture courtesy of Vello via ETX Studio

Tuesday, 07 Jun 2022 8:30 AM MYT

PARIS, June 7 — Austrian brand Vello presents the lightest folding electric bike on the market. Thanks to its titanium frame, this Bike+ weighs less than 10 kg, impressive given that many vehicles of this type weigh double this.

At 9.9 kg, the Vello Bike+, thanks to its titanium frame, weighs about the same as a 24-pack of beverage cans! That makes it easy to climb stairs with it or take it on the subway without getting tired. In addition to it being “featherweight,” the Vello Bike+ folds and unfolds in just eight seconds, making it convenient to transport in all circumstances.

The Bike+ series is equipped with an all-in-one rear hub motor that is particularly well thought out since it integrates both the 250 W electric block and its associated battery. The bike also has an automatic self-charging system for this battery, thanks to a system that recovers kinetic energy during braking or downhill (KERS or Kinetic Energy Recovery System technology). In fact, the battery does not have to be charged, except in “Turbo” mode where the maximum speed is higher than 25 km/h and where its range can go up to 50 km.

The titanium — and therefore lightest — version of the Vello Bike+ is available at a starting price of 4,490 euros, compared to 3,290 euros for the classic version. — ETX Studio

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