I’m a gardening whizz – the simple trick to banish slugs from your garden & it’s all about a popular boozy beverage

A GARDENING expert has revealed an inexpensive – yet effective – hack for getting rid of slugs from your garden.

With the weather warming up, there is another, less welcome visitor – slugs sliding all across the grass, plants and outdoor furniture.


Harmless to humans, slugs do like to munch of flowers and plantsCredit: Getty

But though these pests are harmless to humans, they do have a taste for plants and flowers, making them a burden for avid gardeners.

There are numerous products in the market for tackling this issue – but for those trying to go for cheaper and more natural methods, there is a simple hack, according to one whizz.

And getting rid of slugs could be as easy as using some leftover beer, The Express reported.

Jack Sutcliffe, Co-Founder of Power Sheds, claimed: “A beer trap is a simple and inexpensive approach to get rid of slugs.”

This is because slugs are attracted to yeasty odours – and they love the scent so much they will often make their way into beer traps, meeting their demise.

But if you have a large slug problem, you will likely need more than one trap, expert from Garden Myths warned.

“The slug beer traps do seem to work but there are some limitations: they work over a very short distance and most slugs will just enjoy the beer and leave.”

For those not keen on wasting this delicious beverage – and rightly so – you can also make a beer substitute that works like a charm.


“Ward off pesky slugs by pouring an inch of any beer into an empty jar and then burying the jar in the ground up to its neck,” Jack instructed.

“Leave about an inch above the ground.

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“Slugs are attracted to the odours and fermentation gases found in the beer, where they will crawl into the jar and drown.”


As slugs love the yeasty scent, as long as you use something that replicates the smell, the trap should work.

According to Gardening Know How, you can mix together a few common household ingredients to make a beer substitute.

The site recommended recommended using one tablespoon of yeast, one tablespoon of flour, one tablespoon of sugar and one cup of water.

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