Is it fair for restaurants to stop single people from dining?

Should restaurants be able to turn away people who are dining alone? That’s the subject up for debate among MEN readers since a headteacher claimed to have been turned away from a pizza restaurant by a bouncer saying the venue had a ‘no singles’ policy.

The customer said she had visited Ramona in Ancoats for a post-work pizza but was left “hungry” and “humiliated” after being turned away at the door by the bizarre apparent policy.

Bosses at Ramona have been contacted by the Manchester Evening News and clarified that they do not have a ‘no singles’ policy, and that they are currently looking into the allegation.

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The member of security staff allegedly told the woman that if they let her in, they’d have to let single men in as well otherwise it would be discriminatory.

Ramona’s website states they reserve the right to refuse large single sex parties, but has no mention of a ‘no singles’ policy and the M.E.N. had no trouble booking a single table online.

But as restaurants continue to face challenges after their serious loss of revenue during the pandemic lockdowns, should they be able to fill every chair in their venues? Should they introduce single supplements such as those implemented by some travel companies and hotels?

Or is it simply unfair to those diners who by choice or circumstance require to sit alone?

We’re keen to hear your thoughts.

Do you think it’s fair to turn people away from restaurants for being alone? Let us know in the comments section.

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