Live Lizard found in Chole Bhature at food outlet in Elante Mall

In a shocking incident, a lizard was found in a plate of Chole Bhature at a famous food outlet in Chandigarh. The incident reportedly took place at Sagar Ratna food court at Elante Mall on Tuesday, 14 June. The video of the reptile lying on the plate of food was shared by Ravi Rai Rana on Twitter. 

In the tweet, Ravi Rai Rana informed that a “live Lizard was found in semi-conscious state under Bhatura.” Rana further said that the complaint regarding the lizard lying in the plate of Chhole Bhature was filed with Chandigarh Police. Food Safety Health Department officials have collected samples and sent them for testing. He further claimed that the incident happened with one of his friends. Meanwhile, a social media user named Anju Juneja took to her Twitter handle to inform about the same incident.

She tweeted, “My nephew had a horrible experience at Sagar Ratna, Elante mall, Chandigarh. Sharing with you all.” Anju Juneja claimed that her nephew and his wife found the live lizard in semi-conscious condition under the Bhatura after they ate half of it. 

After Ravi Rai Rana shared the video on the microblogging site, social media users reacted to the clip and called on the restaurant to be alert while preparing food. One user wrote, “This used to be our favourite place at Elante. Good riddance. I hope other eateries take a lesson.” Another netizen tweeted, “What action is going to be taken?” A third user commented, “This is insane, they should be extra cautious while preparing food.”

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Customer finds lizard in soft drink at McDonald’s 

In a similar incident, a man reportedly found a lizard in a soft drink at a McDonald’s outlet in Gujarat. Bhargav Joshi told ANI that the area manager in the restaurant laughed over his complaint. According to Joshi, the manager even told them that they will watch the CCTV footage and even offered to return the bill amount when they asked McDonald’s to take action. Bhargav Joshi claimed that they had filed the complaint regarding the matter with the food and drugs department. 

(Image: @raviranabjp/Twitter)

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