New Mini-Gold Course Is Opening in Austin With a Restaurant

A new indoor-outdoor miniature golf course with a restaurant and bar will open in the North Austin area this year. The Dirdie Birdie will be found at 10910 Domain Drive starting sometime in the fall.

Overseeing the restaurant and bar components is Austin chef Nicholas Yanes and his management group Excelsior. Details are scarce at this time, but it’s fair to expect a New American menu with appetizers and mains.

The forthcoming 12-hole mini-golf course will have indoor and outdoor spaces. The aesthetic, designed by architect Clayton Korte, will incorporate modern and vintage details, with imagery of Austin buildings and notable places.

Co-owners and co-founders Vik and Lina Khasat wanted to open a business that “combines all of our favorite things,” as they said in a press release. The business is now hiring as well.

Yanes’s other restaurants include East Austin Italian restaurant Juniper, Italian cafe Uncle Nicky’s, and downtown hotel Verbena.

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