Not enough workers, popular fast food spot forced to open later. Local economist weighs in

Due to staffing shortages, Jumpin Jacks will not be open for lunch this week.  

Normally, they open at 11 a.m., but for the next three days, May 11-13 they will be open from 4pm-9pm.

UAlbany’s Economics Professor, Kajal Lahiri says the staffing shortages aren’t unique to just Jumpin’ Jacks. He says the pandemic changed the way people think about work. “The people who want to work, have become choosier, they want to find the right kind of job,” he said.

Which unfortunately, fast food restaurants don’t rank high as one of the most desirable jobs. “They can’t work from home, like all the other people are doing so it’s a hard, on their feet job,” said Lahiri.

The Professor says the best way companies can compete is by offering higher pay, incentives, and overall better working conditions.

Jumpin’ Jacks is expected to return to normal hours on Saturday.

For more information on the current labor force click here.

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