Restaurants, Entertainment Shut in Haikou as Omicron Hits –

Just as summer in Sanya seemed to be in full swing, Omnicron hit the coastal city of Haikou. Starting from 6pm on July 9, the Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters made the decision to implement 7 days of temporary control measures.

So what’s closed? Here’s a brief rundown: 

  • Public entertainment and leisure places including but not limited to KTVs, internet cafes, bars, chess and card rooms, foot massage centers, bathhouses, steam rooms, and teahouses; places where people gather including but not limited to weight rooms, gymnasiums and yoga studios.

  • Public cultural activity venues including but not limited to indoor attractions, cultural centers, libraries, museums, and theaters will be closed for one week. All group gatherings will be strictly controlled and all large-scale conferences and offline training will be canceled.  

  • Party and government bodies, enterprises and institutions, communities, public places, transit vehicles, outdoor attractions, food and beverage suppliers (including takeaways), and supermarkets must strictly implement measures such as scanning health codes, checking patrons’ temperatures and standardized wearing of masks as well as ventilation and disinfection.

Requirements for epidemic prevention and control when leaving the island:

Starting from 12am on July 10, all persons leaving the province via any means will need to present their health code and arrow code, have a normal body temperature (<37.3℃),  and 48-hour valid negative COVID test before they are allowed to proceed with check-in, boarding or any other procedures for leaving the island.

As of July 9, a total of seven asymptomatic cases had been found. An expert group has issued notices for low, medium and high-risk areas in Meilan District, and mass testing was conducted on Hainan in accordance with the relevant provisions of the prevention and control plan for new coronavirus pneumonia (9th Edition) of the State Council for joint prevention and control of the coronavirus.

A round of regional nucleic acid testing was held for all people on Haidian Island on July 9. So far, visitors from Hainan or those who have passed through Hainan that are currently in Sanya have been contacted and asked to undertake COVID tests as soon as possible. 

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that these cases stay where they are and the control measures do their job. Stay tuned for further updates on the situation.

[Cover image via NIAID-RML]

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