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This is a retirement home living space. Yes it is at Millennia Village.

Millennia Village harmonises nature, health and community in a safe and age-friendly environment for a fulfilling lifestyle in your golden years

RETIREMENT marks the end of one chapter in your life and the start of another. It is the threshold of new beginnings, when you can go ahead and pursue the passions that you never had time for, or to simply break free from the daily grind.

Much like in your earlier years, this phase can be a fulfilling and meaningful part of your life journey.

To this end, Millennia Village presents a sanctuary where you can experience a new way of life in your golden years among like-minded people.

As a purpose-built senior lifestyle resort, Millennia Village in Seremban has everything in place to cater to residents’ needs – from dedicated care facilities to a wide range of social and recreational amenities and activities for an active and healthy lifestyle.

Surrounded by rolling hills and lush greenery, complete with a canopy of native trees, this haven invites residents to explore new interests, build beautiful relationships and create meaningful memories.

An artist’s impression of Millennia Village, a purpose-built senior lifestyle resort in Seremban.An artist’s impression of Millennia Village, a purpose-built senior lifestyle resort in Seremban.

“When we think about retirement, we think about new beginnings. We envision having the freedom to step into this new chapter with confidence and excitement and believe that a fulfilling and meaningful life is a continuous journey,” says Millennia Village chairman and co-founder John Chia.

“At Millennia Village, we will have a purpose-built resort-style facility that will provide residents with a safe and comfortable active lifestyle with many facilities including walking trails, gardens, water features, gyms, library, physiotherapy and massage studios, spas and much more.

“We want you to feel at home, living life to the fullest at Millennia Village. It is time to redefine, rediscover and reimagine what this new chapter of life means to you.”

‘We want you to feel at home, living your best life at Millennia Village,’ says Chia.‘We want you to feel at home, living your best life at Millennia Village,’ says Chia.

Millennia Village is nestled on a 13ha (32-acre) elevated enclave and surrounded by curated gardens and walking paths complete with a 1.3ha (3.2-acre) nursery for eco- farming, where residents can cultivate zero waste practices, such as growing their own organic produce and composting food waste.

Emphasis is placed on a lifestyle of continuous learning to keep a healthy and active mindset. In this vein, the community’s programme director will be on hand to curate a wide range of activities, ranging from leisurely pursuits to educational workshops.

Rest assured, there will be plenty to do.

A wide range of activities will be available for an active and healthy lifestyle.A wide range of activities will be available for an active and healthy lifestyle.

The living spaces are meticulously designed for the safety and ease of residents, complete with a host of age-friendly features such as ample space, ramps, minimal steps and panic buttons.

When it comes to medical situations or emergencies, on-call assistance is available and arrangements will be made with the appropriate health providers.

Residents will have peace of mind knowing that hospitals and healthcare centres are mere minutes away; the nearest hospital is located 10 minutes away from Millennia Village.

Plans are already in place for a three-storey assisted living residence catering to seniors who may require additional support. Conveniently located next to Millennia Village, the residence aims to provide round-the-clock care by professionally trained staff.

Millennia Village redefines senior living by supporting its residents to continue building a fulfilling and productive life.

“In Malaysia, there are no such facilities for senior living/retirement for the middle-income group and all such developments so far mooted are to all intents and purposes housing projects with some age-friendly features in the accommodation,” Chia claims.

“At the lower end of the market, there are many bungalows that are converted into old folks’ homes where residents are cramped together in rooms and dormitories. Though these facilities serve an important role and a large percentage of the ageing population, they are insufficiently regulated and poorly funded.”

Millennia Village fills this gap by offering seniors a place they can call a comfortable home as they embark on their new phase in life.

Millennia Village is currently inviting qualified candidates to join its founding team with Lifestyle and Healthcare Services Sdn Bhd, whose principal owners have been in the business of operating quarries and property development for over 30 years.

Find out more about Millennia Village at, email or call 06-763 1802 / 1803 / 1808.

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