Solvay invests in Lisbon fermentation site : Biofuels Digest

In Portugal, chemical major Solvay has announced an undisclosed investment in Suanfarma’s Lisbon manufacturing site to support production of natural ingredients via fermentation. 

This transaction, to be completed by mid-2023, is the first step of a long-term strategic alliance with Suanfarma. The expanded capacity will enable Solvay to grow its capabilities for natural ingredients in Food, Flavors & Fragrances industries. The first product produced at the Lisbon site will be Solvay’s Rhovanil Natural, an alternative for vanillin from vanilla beans.  Rhovanil is obtained by bioconversion of ferulic acid, a natural organic product found in rice bran. Vanilla beans have limited supply worldwide and fluctuate in quality and price. 

Suanfarma is owned by global life scence investment firm ArchiMed. The announcement closely follows Solvay’s declaration that renewable materials and biotechnology will be a major pillar of future growth for the Brussels-based company.

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