Tara Sutaria’s Seafood Binge Is Surely Making Us Drool

Most of the time, we gush about chicken and mutton recipes. But seafood lovers will know the joy of gorging down some exotic seafood dishes. Seafood has a distinct flavour of its own. And, it’s not just about the taste. Seafood is also rich in proteins and omega 3 fatty acids. So there’s enough reason for one to love the items. Bollywood actress Tara Sutaria is also a fan of seafood. How do we know? The actress has shared her views about a crab dish on Instagram Stories. It definitely speaks volumes about her liking the dish. You can take a look at the photo that she shared.

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In the photo that Tara Sutaria shared, we see a drool-worthy dish of crab waiting at the table. The crab is cooked with a thick gravy and we can almost feel the juiciness of the crab meat. The actress’ caption made us further crave the dish. She wrote, “A lovely butter garlic crab just for me.” The dish was served with a drink too. She also added the hashtag “IYKYK” meaning “if you know you know.”

And, we have some crab recipes ready for you to try:

1. Andhra Crab Meat Masala

This fiery crab recipe from South India will leave you drooling any day. Crabmeat tossed in spices, chop masala and a tang of lime will win your heart.

2. Crab Soup

Relish the flavours of crab meat in a healthy recipe. In this soup, you will experience the wholesome flavours of onion, pepper and parsley with pearl white crab meat.

3. Butter Pepper Garlic Crab

Let the subtle texture and flavour of creamy butter blend with the fiery zing of pepper, chillies and garlic. These flavours perfectly complement the texture of crabmeat.

4. Goan Crab Curry

The fiery flavours of Goan chillies are balanced by the smoothness of coconut milk in this recipe. Onions, tamarind, jaggery and lime juice are also needed for this spicy recipe.

5. Crabs in Red Chilli Paste

Crabmeat infused with fish sauce tastes heavenly. Along with it, add chilli paste, chicken stock and seasoning to the dish. You won’t ever forget the distinct flavours of this dish.

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