Taylor Swift stalker arrested for allegedly trying to sneak into the pop star’s home

A 35-year-old man has been arrested following an incident in the building of Taylor Swift’s $26 million New York City townhouse.

A Brooklyn man has been arrested for allegedly stalking Taylor Swift at her Tribeca home.

Joshua Christian, 35, of Crown Heights, was busted on Friday and charged with stalking and criminal trespass, the New York Police Department said.

Christian allegedly showed up at two residential buildings on Franklin Street linked to the 32-year-old pop superstar twice in the last few months, the New York Post reports.

He got through an unlocked door at 153 Franklin Street — where Swift owns a $26 million townhouse — on March 26 at around 11.05am and remained there “unlawfully”, cops said.

The accused stalker fled the building after being confronted by security.

Then last month, at about 10.50am on June 12, he allegedly snuck into 155 Franklin Street and “made threats through the intercom toward a 32-year-old female,” police said.

The Shake it Off singer owns several units in the building. Swift has a long history of being targeted by stalkers.

Christian was taken into custody at the NYPD’s First Precinct in Tribeca.

He appeared in Manhattan Criminal Court late on Saturday afternoon wearing a white shirt, white pants and black shoes and with his long brown hair flowing.

Christian had a prior arrest in Florida for reckless driving, a prosecutor said.

When Judge Abraham Clott asked him if he wanted to waive extradition, he had a long conversation with his lawyer, prompting the judge to hold over the case until night court started.

Christian then turned to the courtroom and yelled “Are you all the biggest jokers in history or actually real? Prove you’re real. Prove you’re real.”

He was yanked out of the courtroom by court officers.

Michelle Yang, who works at the Wing Hang Chinese restaurant near Christian’s home, said he was a regular customer who likes lo mein.

“He’s pretty quiet. He doesn’t really talk that much,” Ms Yang said.

“Usually he’s just out and would walk his dog by himself. It’s pretty bizarre because he was pretty normal, just maybe quiet.”

But a man who worked at the Peoples Organic Market and Juice Bar said Christian seemed as if he had “problems”.

The worker, who gave his name as Mo, said “I ask him a question like if he needs a bag or something and he says ‘I’m over it’.”

This article originally appeared on the New York Post and has been reproduced here with permission

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