Unity Vibration Kombucha Enters Partnership With Edge Beverage

Phoenix, Ariz.— Edge Beverage has entered into a Stock Ownership Agreement with Unity Vibration Kombucha to bring forth a new sales effort, along with a re-launching of the brand nationally, through Edge Beverage’s extensive retail buyer network with national retail chains. Both companies are excited to expand sales and secure extensive chain and distribution partnerships across the country.

Based in Michigan, Unity Vibration created the world’s first 100% Kombucha Beer offering functional wellness benefits, plant-based adaptogens, Natural Probiotics and a unique flavor profile.

Tarek & Rachel Kanaan, Co-founders of Unity Vibration said, “Unity’s positioning and offering is unique – surprisingly delicious, smooth and has accessible flavors with all of the probiotic content of traditional kombucha. It has the exceptional high quality of a nano brew but with none of the unpleasant vinegar aftertaste or a watered down experience that many have come to expect from hard kombucha. By maintaining our pledge to always “stay true” to our brewing methods and natural probiotic content has helped us maintain our strong base of loyal consumers that have known Unity over the years. And now we’re bringing a brand new audience to this category. Unity Kombucha is gaining the attention of major beverage distributors as we vigilantly grow the brand awareness, sales momentum and velocities across all channels with Edge Beverage.”

“For Edge Beverage to have a stake in Unity Vibration Kombucha and it be considered an “in-house” brand is quite the honor. We plan on very quickly accessing our retail buyer and distribution network to get this amazing beer in the hands of as many consumers as we can,” says Phil Guana, President, Co-Owner and Founder at Edge Beverage.

“Not only will we use our network of buyers but we will also be deploying our national sales teams in California, Florida, Texas, Colorado, Alabama and Massachusetts to sell Unity Vibration Kombucha to local on- and off-premise buyers,” says James Williams, Co-Owner of Edge Beverage.

Edge Beverage is the country’s top Retail Sales Consultant, helping small and mid-sized brands grow their retail presence. Using a Fractional Services Model, Edge Beverage helps brands access retailers at a fraction of the cost of hiring a National Accounts Executive or full time salespeople. Since 2016, Edge Beverage Consulting has been an industry-changing team of retail professionals, whose focus is helping brands gain retail presence through their network of chain buyers across the country, expand brand’s distribution footprint, and provide sales people in key markets across the country who sell directly to independent off- and on-premise accounts. Edge Beverage is also an Importer and Warehouse solution for brands internationally.

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